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 +======ArumBlack'​s User Page======
 +I'm going to try to figure out this wiki thing and post some of my work here. Wish me luck.
 +=====Stock Projects=====
 +====MB SID====
 +I'll try to dig up some pics of this, my first midibox. it is currently being cannibalized for other projects.
 +====MB SEQV3====
 +Under Construction.
 +====MB FM====
 +Under Construction.
 +=====User Projects=====
 +Under Construction.
 +=====My User Projects=====
 +====Balanced I/O Board====
 +Status: Schematics and breadboard testing. SSM2142 output driver tested. Currently developing schmatic that will support a few different pin compatible balanced line driver and reciever IC'​s. ​
 +Forum Topic: http://​​forum/​index.php/​topic,​12149.0.html
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