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 +This gallery shows some pictures of bad solderings - they should prevent you from making the same errors (feel free to add even more pictures here!)
 +1: the core module has some bad solderings (loose connections),​ which could lead to failures. There are also missing solderings (e.g. 33pF cap below crystal). It makes sense to solder each pad again, the [[Soldering]] guide in the Wiki gives some useful tips\\
 +2: the legs of the caps should be cutted, otherwise they can cause a short circuit which can damage the PIC!\\
 +3: this seems to be a bad ground connection directly at the 78xx - it can lead to the wrong voltage. Here the same: just solder the pads again, it will help\\
 +And same like above: the long cap legs need to be cutted, the danger for shorts is too high!\\
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