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 +The purpose of the "​change_id"​ application,​ which can be found at the [[http://​​mios_download.html|MIOS Download]] page, is to change the MIOS Device ID, and other settings like to-COM flag, LCD mode and IIC MIDI addresses.
 +Normaly, the ID field can be specified when you are burning the bootloader into the PIC (see bootloader page). For people who don't own a PIC burner and forgot to specify it when buying a preburned PIC at SmashTV or Mikes shop, change_id can be used as alternative solution - this application reprogramms the ID field.
 +This ID field is not touched by MIOS itself, and also not by the application. This has the advantage, that you can later update MIOS (if there should ever be a new version) or a application without doing this complicated way to specify the ID again.
 +This is also the reason, why the device ID is not defined in MIOS - it's defined outside MIOS, because the 1st level bootloader needs to know it as well.
 +So, just follow the instructions which are described in the README.txt of the change_id application,​ thereafter you are fine.
 +1st level bootloader, MIOS and the MIDIbox SID application will find this ID and handle with it.
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