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-====NOTE: (July 2010Clean bill of health finally! I have lots of parts in stock for the bulk orders, so I'll be contacting everyone to see who is still interested. Thanks for your patience...====+====NOTE: (February 2011 Happy New Year.  Here's hoping 2011 is better than 2010 was! ====
-[[dougwellington_alps_type_n_motorfader_bulk_order|Alps N Motor Faders]] ​ ​Started shipping! ​ I'll contact you soon...+[[dougwellington_alps_type_n_motorfader_bulk_order|Alps N Motor Faders]]
-[[dougwellington_mb6582_panels|MB-6582 Panels]] <- got quotes - decided to buy my own mill since it will be cheaper! +[[dougwellington_marquardt_switch_bulk_order|Marquardt 6425 Switches and Caps]]
- +
-C-64 power supply bulk order cancelled - all surplus was purchased before I could buy any.  :(+
 [[dougwellington_transformer_bulk_order|Triple Secondary Toroidal Transformer (+-15V and +5V)]] [[dougwellington_transformer_bulk_order|Triple Secondary Toroidal Transformer (+-15V and +5V)]]
-[[dougwellington_marquardt_switch_bulk_order|Marquardt 6425 Switches and Caps]] +[[dougwellington_mb6582_panels|MB-6582 Panels]]  ​Sorry,​ due to family circumstances,​ I won't be making panels any time soon...
- +
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