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 +====== Screens ======
 +On this page you can see renders of all display modes,\\
 +the upper line remains the same:
 +|Mode |CS layer|
 +|BPM  |current BPM|
 +|Pat  |current bank/​pattern|
 +|Trk  |edit track number|
 +|Bt   ​|current beat|
 +==== Normal mode ====
 +|Nvl  |normal velocity |
 +|Avl  |accent velocity |
 +|Note |note nr of edit track |
 +==== Pattern mode ====
 +==== Track mode ====
 +|Len  |length of edit track |
 +|Div  |note division of edit track|
 +|Note |note nr of edit track |
 +==== Special function button mode ====
 +|Func|selected function|
 +|val  |value for current function|
 +==== Song mode ====
 +|Pos  |song position |
 +|Pat  |selected pattern |
 +|Repeat |number of times the pattern is repeated|
 +==== Note mode ====
 +|Pos  |track position |
 +|Note  |note number|
 +|Gate |indicates if gate is active|
 +==== CC mode ====
 +|Nr  |selected CC|
 +|Val  |value of selected CC|
 +|MCH |global CC midichannel|
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