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 so feel free to test - and report!\\ so feel free to test - and report!\\
 {{:​phatline:​EURO_Midi_IO_Board.jpg?​900|}}\\ {{:​phatline:​EURO_Midi_IO_Board.jpg?​900|}}\\
 +FIXME - dont use this - because of J1-J2 connection is wrong (this matter if you chain 2 Midi-IO-Modules\\
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 ====== To Do ====== ====== To Do ======
-Since i already debugged Rev.A and this is the overworked Rev.B there should ​not be much to doexcept to test the gerber filers... i am happy with Rev.A (have still PCBs so no check of RevB in near future!)\\+Use a other Midi-OUT-Activity Shematic! - its not working for high speed midi! - while Note-ON off is okMidiclock can make trouble ​(the Charge-Discharge Circuit ​in this Design is not sufficent for this!)\\
 ====== Community users working on it ====== ====== Community users working on it ======
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