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 ===== MBHP ===== ===== MBHP =====
 [[:​home:​mbhp]] The MIDIbox Hardware Platform. [[:​home:​mbhp]] The MIDIbox Hardware Platform.
-===== MIOS ===== 
-[[:​home:​mios]] The MIDIbox Operating System. 
-===== MIOS32 ===== 
-[[:​home:​mios32]] The MIDIbox Operating System for 32bit hardware. 
 ===== Software ===== ===== Software =====
-[[:​home:​software]] Software for your PC, to design, develop, modify ​and use a MIDIbox.+[[:​home:​software]] Software for your PC and your MIDIboxneeded ​to design, develop, modify ​or use a MIDIbox.
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