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 +AOUT modules generate analog voltages (and gate signals) controlled by Midibox. Usually these are used to drive Analog Synthesizers.
 +The following modules are available:
 +[[http://​​mbhp_aout.html|AOUT Module]] <​sup>​uCApps</​sup>​\\
 +[[http://​​mbhp_aout_lc.html|AOUT_LC Module]] (low cost AOUT Module)<​sup>​uCApps</​sup>​\\
 +[[aout_ng|AOUT_NG Module]] (new AOUT Module)\\
 +The SHX8 module is used to extend the number of AOUT outputs using Sample and Hold chips
 +[[http://​​mbhp_shx8.html|SHX8 Module]] (expands AOUT Module < 64 CV Outputs) <​sup>​uCApps</​sup>​\\
 +(expired, S&H chips are discontinued/​obsolete
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