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MIDI Router


Midi Router is a project which allows you to route MIDI messages to/from multiple MIDI ports on the MIDIbox

Please, if you decide to build a midirouter, take some photos before and after you put it in a case. Add them to a new forum topic and link1) it from here. Add any other info like what version of board was used and midirouter version etc…it helps newbies a lot.

Also, if you are reading this and have built a midirouter that you created, it'd be cool if you take a photo too and insert a link to it from here.


Up to 8 MIDI I/Os

Customisable routing through simple C code

Skills / Equipment Required


What modules do I need?

Parts List

List of pots, buttons, faders and blah - suggestions on good parts and where to buy them + how to hook them up - links

Where to buy Parts


Connection diagrams - links if needed (create in you projects namespace

Enclosure / Case

Enclosure ideas - link to case construction tips? / provide space to encourage other users to wikify their case designs

Enclosure References


Setting Up

We recommend you read software before you continue.



Setup Instructions

Up to you


Usage Manual

Anything else

It's easy to insert a link, first sign in, click on the 'edit this page' button, then type 2 square open brackets, paste your url, and type 2 square closed brackets.
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