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 [[:​home:​software:​cpp]] [[:​home:​software:​cpp]]
-FIXME FIXME merge this into the skeleton above, under Pc software 
-==== Hardware Development ==== 
-[[cadsoft_eagle|Eagle Layout Editor]]\\ 
-[[stryd_one_eagle3d|Eagle 3D]]\\ 
-[[stryd_one_schaeffer_fpd|Schaeffer Front Panel Designer]]\\ 
-[[stryd_one_sketchup|Google SketchUp 3D ]]\\ 
-[[stryd_one_inkscape|InkScape Vector Graphics Editor]]\\ 
-[[stryd_one_electronicsassistant|http://​​ Electronics Assistant Calculators]]\\ 
-[[stryd_one_MiscEl|http://​​ MiscEl Miscellaneous Electronics Calculators]]\\ 
-[[stryd_one_SwCAD|Linear Technology Corporation LTspice/​SwitcherCAD III Circuit Emulator]]\\ 
-==== MIDIBox Control ==== 
-[[stryd_one_jre|Sun Java RE]]\\ 
-[[stryd_one_mios_studio|MIOS Studio]]\\ 
-==== Misc ==== 
-[[stryd_one_acrobat|Adobe Acrobat Reader]]\\ 
-[[stryd_one_pdfcreator|PDF Creator]]\\ 
-[[stryd_one_msie|Microsoft Internet Explorer]]\\ 
-[[stryd_one_strokeit|StrokeIt Mouse Gesture Recognition]]\\ 
-==== WIKI ==== 
-[[stryd_one_msoffice|Microsoft Office]]\\ 
-[[stryd_one_word2doku|MSWord to DokuWiki Converter]]\\ 
-==== Forum ==== 
-[[stryd_one_FireFox_Search|FireFox Search Engine Plugin]]\\ 
-FIXME FIXME merge this into the skeleton above! 
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