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 +I've tested PICPgm v0.9.9.3 with my JDM programmer and it works.
 +This version has support for burning the "ID Locations",​ which is required for the bootloader and MIOS.
 +It also supports PIC18F452, PIC18F4620, PIC16F88 and PIC18F4685.
 +Download [[http://​​electronics/​pic/​picpgm/​index.html|here]].
 +NOTE: The "ID Locations"​ are shown differently to ICProg. ICProg (and the MIDIbox doco) shows the ID locations as an 8 byte (16 hex digit) string, with the Device ID as the byte on the far right. In PICPgm, this is the last value in the list (location 20007)
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