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 +====== MIDIdocs ======
 +A place to put articles, howtos and guides about the MIDIbox universe. ​ These articles are meant to complement the official user manuals on [[http://​​|]],​ going into a bit more depth on core concepts, features, workflows and usecases to help users learn more about how to do fun stuff with their MIDIboxes.
 +Feel free to add or link your own articles, and help document these amazing devices. ​ Also, feel free to edit existing articles to add to or improve them.  It'd be really great if you added something here - the better these devices are documented, the more usable they'​ll be, and it'll be easier for all of us to learn new things about how they can be used.  It's also a great way to give something back to the MIDIbox project if you're not great with code or hardware design. ​ If you don't have a Wiki account, ask in the [[http://​​forums/​forum/​13-midibox-documentation-project/​|Documentation Project forum]], and hopefully an admin will set you up with an account. ​
 +Each MIDIdocs article is linked to its own "​Discussion Thread"​ in the [[http://​​forums|MIDIbox Forums]] where you can ask questions, make comments or corrections,​ and discuss the topics in each article.
 +===== Rules =====
 +  * add your project to the [[:​user_projects|User Projects]] page
 +  * if it's finished, you might also want to add it to the [[:​projects|Projects]] page, which is a more prominent place, but shouldn'​t be overloaded with ongoing (unfinished) projects.
 +  * new project pages should begin with the "​mididocs:"​ namespace, e.g. "​mididocs:​mymidibox"​
 +  * no more rules (yet)
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