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 +At last! It's:
 +====== MidiBoxing for TOTAL Newbies! ======
 +==== This page is intended for those who have figured out that a Midibox really is the answer to all of their dreams and wishes, but so far, have no idea which MidiBox best suits them, or where to start. ====
 + Mind you, if you've made it this far, then at least you're doing some research.
 + For this, the MidiBox community thanks you. 
 +=== On this page, you will eventually find ===
 +  * Information on what each MidiBox does, of course also linked to the main pages on, the main wiki page etc., where you //should// have started...
 +  * A brief overview of what hardware is available for each midibox, and what parts/​boards you will need to make it happen.
 +  * (By popular demand) A parts list, shown in modules, for the most popular MidiBox designs
 +    * Ie, answering the common question: I want to build a ... , what boards do I need to buy?
 +This wiki page is a work in progress, please bear with me, or PM me if something needs adding.
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