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 +THANKS to TK, SmashTV, Stryd_One, Wilba, Ultra, Seppoman, Doug, Moogah, and the entire MIDIbox community!!!
 +Currently built: One CORE, three DIN, AOUT_NG, DOUT. It only took an evening to stuff these boards. I note that the data stream on the DINs require attention while wiring. Simply connecting between boards does not appear to allow functionality;​ I'll have to confirm this as I build. ​
 +I'd intended to build a SEQ 3.2c and then saw Ultra'​s group buy for the Ultracore, which is a CORE, 4) LCMIDI, and 8) Bankstick on a single PCB (with headers for each display). Needless to say, one is on order and will become the heart of the SEQ. I cannot wait to have perfectly aligned kick and snare on my analog modular...and the LCMIDI kit and extra LC PCB I'd ordered just before learning of Ultra'​s work will likely be available, in the fleamarket!
 +I have a bunch of tact switches available in the fleamarket. They'​re too short to be used in the SID etc. but can be used with button caps. Contrary to that post, I won't charge except for shipping if anyone wants some as I have plenty and want to give something back to the community if possible. ​
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