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ConfigMixer, The configuration tool.
As I experimented with the mixer, I have had the luxury of being able to create MIDI controls as needed. As I work on an unusual computer, my tools won't be of much use to anybody else. I wanted to create a “universal” tool for configuring the mixer. I wrote “ConfigMixer” in plain old ANSI “C” to allow this. Once it is compiled for your machine, you can use a command line (shell, DOS window, whatever you call it) to create standard MIDI files that will configure your mixing board. Almost every command that can be sent to a mixing board can be created by this program. This is the fastest way to configure your board, or to make preset files that don't use the 64 memory spaces of the mixer. The resulting files are standard format 0 MIDI files, and you should be able to send them with most any MIDI file player. First, you'll need ConfigMixer compiled for your machine type. I will include an OS4 version, and also any others that I can get compiled before I send out this distribution. The source is included, so it should be easy for anyone with a C compiler to make one for their machine. (note: I doubt SDCC can do it). Once compiled, just type ConfigMixer into a command shell, and it should respond with a full template of command options. You don't need to specify everything, just the parts you want to change. As an example:
ConfigMixer muteall.mid all -vol 0
Will create a file called “muteall.mid”, which will set the volume of all 16 channels to zero.

Configmixer meltspeakers.mid 3 -vol 127 -bal 64 -exp 127 -master 127
Will create a file that will center the balance on channel 3, and turn every gain setting to MAX on that channel. This is an example only, I am not responsible for your speakers!

I have found the ability to make and send these files is so easy that I don't even use the presets in the mixer anymore. If your presets don't seem to work right, your midi file player may be adding “All Sound Off” messages without your knowledge. See the pre-compile software options for a way to fix that.

If you compile ConfigMixer for a different platform, please share it with the community.

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