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 +A pixel is the smallest unit of space on a computer screen. Each little dot is a pixel. Resolution is a measure of how many pixels you can fit on your screen. The greater the resolution, the smaller the images but the more you see on the screen at one time. The greater the resolution, the longer the screen refresh time and the slower the overall operation. 640x480, 800x600 and 1024x768 are the most common. Resolution and numbers of colors available are determined by your computer'​s video card capability. More often than not, the larger the number of colors, the slower the operation. Most Internet operations are limited to 256 colors and numbers set for greater than that do not usually help; however, many sites now are turning to more intense contrast and color since newer computers have that capability and also have higher speed Internet connections. Older equipment may only support 16, 64 or 256 colors.
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