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Power Supplies

Find Here some schematics for DIY Power Supplies. It could help to power your midibox !

/!\ Be Aware of high voltages! - Stay Safe ! /!\

+5V DC / +9V DC / +12V DC

5V Parts List

Value Type Qty Designation
LM7805 VR 1 U1
1N4007 Diode 4 D1,D2,D3,D4
220 Resistor 1 R1
22µF/25V Capa Elec 1 C2
2200µF/40V Capa Elec 1 C1
S05K400 Varistor 1 VR
9VDC 15VA Transfo 1 TR

9V Option


  • U1 by LM7809
  • TR out> 12VDC
  • R1 > 390ohms

12V Option

Replace: U1 by LM7812 TR out> 12VDC R1 > 510ohms

-12V/+12V DC

-15V/+15V DC

Parts List

Value Type Qty Designation
LM317T VR 1 U1
LM337T VR 1 U2
BDX54 PNP 1 Q1
BDX53 NPN 1 Q2
10A04 Diode 4 D1,D2,D3,D4
10 Resistor 2 R1,R5
120 Resistor 2 R2,R6
820 Resistor 2 R4,R8
1320(1,1k+220)Resistor 2 R3,R7
1µF/25V Capa Elec 2 C2,C5
22µF/25V Capa Elec 2 C3,C6
10000µF/40V Capa Elec 2 C1,C4
S05K400 Varistor 1 VR
15VDCx2 90VA Transfo 1 TR

For Fine Voltage Tuning replace R3/R7 by a 2K Multi turns Trimpot.

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