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 ===== Miscellaneous Notes ===== ===== Miscellaneous Notes =====
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 Writing "MIOS IS GREAT !!" would need to be addressed like this: (0x00)"​MIOS IS " & (0x40)"​GREAT !!" // audiocommander // Writing "MIOS IS GREAT !!" would need to be addressed like this: (0x00)"​MIOS IS " & (0x40)"​GREAT !!" // audiocommander //
 +=== Tracing Unknown Pinouts ===
 +IF Your display is a HD44780 compatible, but has no datasheet available: You can try **tracing** the connector pinout by using [[http://​​search?​client=opera&​rls=en&​q=hd44780+datasheet&​sourceid=opera&​ie=utf-8&​oe=utf-8|HD44780 datasheet]] as a reference.
 +All pins of the connector expect V<​sub>​0</​sub>​ ((contrast voltage)), possible V<​sub>​ee</​sub>​ ((negative supply for extended temperature range displays)) and possible Backlight power pins ((these should be at the one end of the connector and connected to the large pads on the LCD board)) are directly connected to the HD44780 controller.
 +If You have the basic electronics knowledge:​\\ \\ You should be able to trace LCD pinout by watching the controller pin arrangement and using conductivity tester of your Multimeter to trace signals to the connector pins. (the unknown pins are left to Your logical thinking <​sup>​tm</​sup>​ to figure out)
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