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 <​del>​[[http://​​plans/​MB-6582_CS_PCB_Mono.pdf]] dead link</​del>​ <​del>​[[http://​​plans/​MB-6582_CS_PCB_Mono.pdf]] dead link</​del>​
-===== Revision 2 PCBs (bought from SmashTV) =====+===== Revision 2 PCBs (bought from SmashTV ​or Modular Addict) =====
 <​del>​[[http://​​plans/​MB-6582_Base_PCB_R2_Color.pdf]] dead link</​del>​ <​del>​[[http://​​plans/​MB-6582_Base_PCB_R2_Color.pdf]] dead link</​del>​
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