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 +**The [[wilba_mb_6582|MB-6582]] PCBs are copyright 2006-2007 Jason Williams and Thorsten Klose. Licensed for personal non-commercial use only. All rights reserved.**
 +The PCBs are part of the [[http://​​mbhp.html|MIDIbox Hardware Platform (MBHP)]] and share the same license.
 +Also, the README.TXT in every MIDIbox firmware zip file (including MIDIbox SID V2) contains:
 +**Copyright 2007 Thorsten Klose (
 +Licensed for personal non-commercial use only.
 +All other rights reserved.**
 +Thus just like any other MIDIbox project:
 +**You are not allowed to sell completed MIDIbox SID synths containing [[wilba_mb_6582|MB-6582]] PCBs, on eBay or anywhere else without permission from Jason Williams and Thorsten Klose. Non-commercial means not-for-profit. MIOS, the MIDIbox SID V2 firmware, and the [[wilba_mb_6582|MB-6582]] PCBs are not allowed to be sold for profit.**
 +The MIDIbox SID Synth is based on intellectual property that was developed over several years by several people and made available to the DIY community for use in their own personal DIY projects, under the condition that people do not profit from the work that was made freely available. While Thorsten Klose is the sole developer of the MIDIbox SID firmware, I have put in an immense amount of time and effort in developing the [[wilba_mb_6582|MB-6582]] PCBs and making them available for people to use in their own MIDIbox SID project. ​
 +If for some reason you do not want your [[wilba_mb_6582|MB-6582]] PCBs or completed [[wilba_mb_6582|MB-6582]] synth, you will almost always be given the permission to sell on the MIDIbox forum to get back the cost of parts, strictly not for profit.
 +Jason Williams (Wilba)
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