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AIN board parts

FIXME Update this page like the others - Is this module outdated with AINSER?

Here are suggested part numbers for various distributors for parts for the AIN board. If you find another site or dealer with a different parts list feel free add it into the list. Also if you’ve successfully used a different part from what was listed here please add the number and/or link to the list.

Part Name Description Polar soldering temp solder dwell time QTY part# 1) part#
IC1-IC4 CD 4051 BE Yes Not Recomended ? 4 MOS 4051 511-4051
DIL IC-Sockets for multiplexers No ??? ? 4 GS 16 571-3902614
C1-C4 Ceramic Cap 100 nF No 230°C ±5°C / 446°F ±10°F 7 ±½ seconds 4 Z5U-2,5 100n 80-C412C104K5R
J* 1-row SIL Headers (43 pins) No ??? ? 2 STIFTL. 40G 517-6111TG
J* 1-row sil con 36 con No ??? ? 2 - 517-850-01-36
- Ribbon cable 3 meters No ??? ? 3 AWG 28-16G -
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