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Albs Knob Bulk Order - NOW CLOSED

Albs usually supplies large orders of knobs (and other bits). Therefore they require a large minimum order.

Giving the fact that there's so many people putting their names down for MB-6582 kits I'm guessing there will be a few more people wanting “Waldorf Knobs”. These are very nice soft-touch knobs and come in a choice of 3 opague colours. The MB-6582 uses 15 of these knobs


Time Frame

The chances are that this is the last order I will do for a while.

If you are ordering parts kits and want the knobs then put your name down on the list ASAP.

This order will be open untill the 16th April. Please get your orders in before then.

I will send out paypal invoices when the order has closed. These will need to payed withing a week.


I will accept payment through Paypal current funds or card transfer. If for what ever reason you want to use Paypal bank transfer then please PM so that we can make sure it clears in time.

Payment must be prompt as if not it will hold everybodies order up. I do not want to be chasing people payment.


The cost of the knobs is £0.75 each.

There will be the standard paypal fees and P&P on top of this amount.

I will require payment up front. If you are not able to manage this then let me know and hopefully I can sort something out.

Postage/Packing Rates

If your making a large order then I would suggest using a registered service, please PM me for a price.

The prices below are standard Airmail rates.

UK Europe Rest of World
£2.00 £2.50 £3.50


Hopefully that's everything covered. Any questions/suggestions then please email at “Knobs [at] Goblinz dot org”.

Order List

Please only add your name if you are commited to buying.

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