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Best User Patches Librairy

for the fun, no prized.


Publish here your Patches Librairy for the MIDIbox FM and SID based Synths.

Sounding great and well documented. For the SIDs librairies, it’s better if your do a version for each config (1,2,3 or 4 SIDs and different chips versions).

Bittersweet Synth - MBSID v2 Patches by 0xFFender. Incl. Square and Saw versions. 3channel MONO synth w/ different portamento speed values. Hope you like it. Get it here I used a 6581, but no filters/mixed waves are used, so using 8580/6582A will be fine. Note this is MONO and the 'right' SID conencted will always play a simple detuned sound and not sweep like the 'left' SID does.

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