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Case / FrontPanel DIY Tools


  • Flexible Steel Ruler with Cork backing - From Arts stores. An excellent idea that I stole ;)
  • Calipers - For measuring drill bits, shaft diameters, and hole diameters
  • Clamps/Vices - Various sizes and shapes, for holding things still while you drill/saw/bust them up


  • Rotary Tool
  • Drill Press - For accurate drilling of PCB's and faceplates
  • Drill bit set
  • Router bit set
  • Nibbling tool - for making odd shaped holes (Careful! These can be savage)
  • Reamer - for making odd shaped holes
  • Center punch - For marking the location of holes to be drilled and scribing lines on metal


  • File Set - Flat, round, half round, rasp and needle
  • Hacksaw - For cutting solid objects
  • Spare Hacksaw Blades - For use by hand
  • Coping Saw - For cutting holes in cases
  • Razor Knife - Stanley/X-Acto, etc. NOT for use on plastic cases unless you have a death wish
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