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!!!Info setting up the midibox 16+ and Midibox 16E to control the cubase SX


* Run the Midibox16.exe to get the scripts extracted in the cubase\scripts\remote Directory (the default path is program files\steinberg\cubasesx… so if your installation is in defferent location specify the appropriate path)

* Run Cubase SX and go to the devices→setup

* Add Generic Remote from add remove

* Specify in which ports the midibox is connected.

* Click on the import button to import the script set the path to cubase sx\scripts\remote and select the one you need

* That’s it now you should be able to control almost everything

Click here to DownLoad the script:

!! Requirements:

* You need of course a Midibox J

* For midibox16v3 you need one of the latest firmawares with the bank buttons modifications

* In midibox16v2 all the controls have been assigned from cc#0 to CC#15 therefore you need a bank of the midibox with those controls (by default Thorsten has assigned those controls to Bank 1)

* In midibox16v3 13 banks are used with the following settings (default midibox16 Banks 1-13)

<pre> Bank in midibox Bank in cubase

Ø bank 1 with chan 1 cc’s 0-15 Volumes for Audio 1 to 16

Ø bank 2 with chan 1 cc’s 16-31 Volumes for Audio 17 to 32

Ø bank 3 with chan 1 cc’s 32-47 The 16 busses

The next Banks refer to Strip mode and the work on selected channels

Ø bank 4 with chan 1 cc’s 48-63 Equal- Sends the 4 eq (gain freq quality) plus the 4 first sends

Ø bank 5 with chan 1 cc’s 64-79 1st Insert The 1st VST Effect

Ø bank 6 with chan 1 cc’s 80-95 2nd Insert the 2nd VST Effect

Ø bank 7 with chan 1 cc’s 96-111 3rd Insert The 3rd VST Effect

Ø bank 8 with chan 1 cc’s 112-127 4th Insert The 4th VST Effect

Ø bank 9 with chan 1-16 cc 0 5th Insert The 5th VST Effect

Ø bank 10 with chan 1-16 cc 1 6th Insert The 6th VST Effect

Ø bank 11 with chan 1-16 cc 2 7th Insert The 7th VST Effect

Ø bank 12 with chan 1-16 cc 3 8th Insert The 8th VST Effect

The next Bank refer to VST Instrument

Ø bank 13 with chan 1-16 cc 4 VST-Instrument

The following intentionally hasn’t been used

Ø bank 14 with chan 1-16 cc 5 Not Used

Ø bank 15 with chan 1-16 cc 6 Not Used

Ø bank 16 with chan 1-16 cc 7 Not Used </pre>

Note Cubase assigns the VST instruments between audio channels and busses so when you adding VSTi’s there occupy the first faders on this configuration. Another thought is that if you use less audio channels than 32 then the configuration changes and putting first the audio channels then the VST instruments and last the busses.

The banks from Equal to 8th Insert The 8th VST Effect refer to selected channel.

Last you will find the VST-Instrument which allows you to control VST Instruments through the control Insert in the midi channel. In order to make this work you need to load in every insert the control

Please bear in mind that VST’s are automated DX are not

For further information on how to control VST Instruments please read the post from OgO in the section Tips & tricks on the [Midibox Forum|]

!!The text bellow belongs to OgO and introduces the way to control VST Instruments

I will say that this is only idea to try, not know that this is what you need to do, and it will be very exciting to keep replying for the results you have! Aren't we altogether much smarter then one?

I have found in Cubase SX that you can control a VST instrument with MIDIBOX64. Here is a description what you need to do and test:

* Under the File/New Project choose 'Empty' and choose the directory where you'd like to store the project files. * Under the Project/Add Track choose 'MIDI' track. * Under the Devices/VST Instruments choose the Steinberg's “a1”. * under the in port choose the MIDI in port, and under the out choose a1. * Now click on the small 'e' icon in the Inspector window under the 'Channel' tab and the brown&green colored window will open(MIDI channel). The first 4 windows are inserts and the second 4 are sends. under inserts choose the MIDI effect named 'Control' and it will open automatically with possibility to choose 8 different controls, but that is on the first insert. Later you will understand what i mean with this. * Now, turn the a1 in edit mode to edit it's parameters. For example if you want to control the Cuttoff frequency on a1 the control number is 74. You can see that with pointing the mouse over the Cuttoff knob on the synth Go back to the MIDI Channel and on 'Control' plugin under the first control choose the 74th control or named as “Brightness”. Hide the 'Control' window, the MIDI channel, and the synth if you have them open already.

And now:

1. it is an option to choose wheter you like to use the midibox_cubase_setup.xml script or to make your own script settings.

2. go in the Devices/Device Setup… menu

3. click on the Add/Remove tab and find 'Generic Remote' device, cilck on it and click on the Add button on the bottom right corner of the window. After that you will see on the left window the 'Generic Remote' device added.

4. click on it and and then click on the Setup tab. Choose the MIDI ports in/out which you have installed.

5. bellow the ports is the status which you need to edit it correctly for having great fun! * click on the first row under the 'Control Name' tab and write 'Fader 1'. * under the 'MIDI Status' tab choose 'Controller'. * under the 'MIDI Channel' tab choose 1st channel. * under the 'Address' tab choose the address to which fader you'd like to be 'Fader 1'. * under the 'Max. Value' tab leave it as it is. * under the 'Flags' tab i am not so sure, you need to test it wheter is (R)eceive, (T)ransmit or (R)elative.

6. in the second same window under the 'Control Name' tab write 'Fader 1'. * under the 'Device' tab choose 'Midi Mixer'. * under the 'Channel/Category' tab choose the named MIDI channel, by default is 'MIDI 01'. * under the Value/Action tab choose 'Brightness Ins 1'. * under the 'Flags' tab try to configure it by yourself, i don't know what the mother is that thing. * on the bottom right corner choose 'Apply', turn off the window and try some tweaking, it would work.

!! Alternative Possibilities

* [MIDIboxLC] * [MIDIboxMM]

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