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MB-6582 Panels

NEWS - February 2011

Sorry guys, this has been the worst two years of my life. What with my teenage daughter (who is now away at university, yay!!!) losing her brain, my son acting out and getting bad grades, my mother moving to Tucson, and my father-in-law being diagnosed with and dying from pancreatic cancer, well, optional things like MIDIbox projects got put on hold indefinitely.

OLD STUFF - I start here when I get back to this project.

1) After getting prices on panels for several projects, it turns out to be cheaper if I buy my own CNC mill and do them all myself!

2) I am also purchasing a concealed head stud insertion machine so that I will be able to install studs and standoffs on the back of the panel - no JB Weld required. This will add extra cost to the panel, but will save everyone a lot of time and trouble.

3) Since I have all the silk screen tools already, I am adding the option for either red or blue lines on the panel.

4) If you do not have a PT-10 case already, I can provide one for you. Please let me know if you want me to use the PT-10 panels or make one from scratch. The PT-10 panels will have the four mounting holes in the corners, while the ones I make from scratch have no exposed hardware on the front.


I will make top and back panels for your MB-6582 or re-silkscreen panels you already have. The panels I am making will be black anodized, with two color silkscreen, white lettering with either red or blue lines separating the sections of the panel. I will be installing concealed head standoffs so that you can bolt the control surface circuit board directly to the back of the panel. If I make a new panel for you (not using the one included with the PT-10 case), I will install concealed head studs in the four corners for mounting the panel to the case.

How To Sign Up For A Set Of New Panels

If you want to get a panel set, click on the “Edit this page” button (top left corner) and add your MIDIbox username and the number of panel sets you would like, what color the lines should be, and whether you need a PT-10 case. If you want a PT-10 case, tell me if you want the corner holes or not - if you don't want corner holes, I will make a new panel for you. (And if you don't want the original panels, I will keep them and discount the PT-10 case price.)



Adding your username and quantity is not a commitment to purchase them if/when I have them available to sell, however, if you change your mind, please come back here and change/remove your list entry.

UsernameQuantityLine ColorNeed PT-10Corner holes?Comment
Doug Wellington21 red, 1 blue2no
asafnetzer 1redwoodno
audioguru42 1red1 woodno
Johnniebee 21 red, 1 bluewood x 2No
23 1
stevenclements 1
tarzan boy 1red1 woodno
NV 1WhiteWoodNo
Sparx 1
kaio 1
BaconJuice 21 white, 1 blueNoNo
necro2607 1
kk74 1blue1no
Strophlex 1red1 woodno
Gajimicu 1blue2please use original pt-10 panels
droopydnl 33
buhler 21 red,1 blue2yes if cheaper, no if not
madox 1red3no
Acidlad 1
mememamo 2red1xpt10 1xwoodyes
moonfaze 1
illiac 1
plasticeyes 1bluenono
Junkyseb 1
Koshimazaki 1red1 woodnodon't need original panel
LoopStar 1
eDrakeeee 1blue1yes
maxvl 1
aminoplacid 1red1no
Snoozr 1red1nodon't need original panel
xarolium 1
polpat 1red0no
Futureman 1white0
sensorium 31 red, 2 blueblack X 2 wood X 1No
slapyak 1
dougmoser 1
foona 1rednoyes
frailn 1rednono
subatomic 1redyesdon't i need holes? whatever fits best…
boops 1blue1 wood,+1 pt 10 black no
Peake 1redno
dnode 1
ganchan 1(white) blueyesyes
KnowGood 1red1no
xyc0n 1
Scipher 1
vout 1red1no
Berg 1red0no
DenDer 2
j00lz 2red0no
dioioib 3white5x wood
Duchy 1white if possible, otherwise bluewoodno unless cheaper
kokoon 1
seekwhensir 2
fabioldr 3
ping- 53 red, 1 green, 1 white1 woodno
mail 1Blue1yes if cheaper, no if not
amorphiss 1
filch 1blue1nono original panel,Req all white panel w/ blue lettering
kawill 1
reemus 4
goldbug 1redwoodno
dendy 1
m00dawg 1Red1Whichever is cheaper
jimh54 1red1no
jbutron 1
SIDsyndrome 1
Matrix12x 1redwood
Phattline 2white2yessilkscreening
note repeat 1
flexinoodle 31x Red 2x Blue2x WoodNodon't need original panel
Harbinger 1
skyline7 1
drakeeee 1redyes
dreamer 21xRed 1xBlue1xpt10 1xwoodNo
Walle 1
Tarzan Boy 1
Echopraxia 1
insky 1
Xenon23 2blue2no
sonofprent 1
mrcam 1blue back to red if not late1no unless cheapershipping with Gamijicu
Natsirt 21 red/1 blue2no
g.p.macklin 1
ascarrul 1
edanderson 1
toucanalog 1redwoodno
bleepsnbreaks 21 red, 1 grey (if possible, white if not)woodno
3rdordertrauma 1
do0g 2
Flemming 1rednono
theprotool 11xredyesno
Narwhal 1bluenono
Snebenan 1
Enth 1bluenono
bugfight 1redwoodno
booster 2rednono
reboot 32 blue + 1 red2 boxes
MP 1blue1no
veau 1blue1no
mmalluck 1red1yes
do0g 2whitenono
idiotcountry2 1redwoodno
Echopraxia 1red1no but yes if way cheaper
bron84 1red1 woodno
Acid303 1bluenoyes
pavel 2red2no but yes if cheaper
KB2142 1blue1no
casius 1white1nodon't need original PT-10 panel
hantymansy 2blue2no
perdex 1blue1no
ampman117 1redyesyes
Serge_D 1rednono
SubContractor 1whitedont know yetdont know yet
hutch1980 1blue1noDon't need original panel
highrider 1whitewooddon't need original PT-10 panel
SysEx 1red1no
Snyderman 1white1nodon't need original panel
biroute 1blue1nodon't need original PT-10 panel
dukankallemegper 1whitenono
bamsyn 3RedNOno
Thirstmonkey 21 x red 1 x White if possible1 x pt10 1 x woodNOdon't need original panel
kroutshev2redyesyesdon't need original panel
jooks1whitewoodnodon´t need the original panel
1010 0N/A2 woodN/Ano but yes if cheaper
son green32 blank, 1 white2 wood, 1 blackno don't need original panel
swindus1red1yesdon't need original PT-10 panels
mattflo21 red, 1 blue2nodon't need original PT-10 panels
newnumbertwo1red1 woodnodon't need original panel
sakodak1red1nodon't need original panel
visibleman1red1nodon't need original panel
nestle1red1 wooddon\t need original panel
vcfool1blue1 blacknodon't need original panel
dar2dar2 1rednoyes
esquilax1bluewoodnowould like to see what 'wood' looks like first. :)
Morten1bluenono holes
weedoo1red1nodon't think I need original panel, do I ?
edlikestoboogie1red1 no I don't need the original panel, please make from scratch
drboom21 red, 1 bluenono
sonofdirt1bluewoodnowood(alder?) pending cost-effectiveness
lead bromide1blue1no
dschohennes1white1no, unless much cheaper
locoder2red2nodon't need original panel
CaptainCoconut1redyesnodon't need original panel
hb129 2
juhnumoffa1redyesnodon't need original panel
Rave 1red1noDon't need original panel
audio-mobster1red1 woodno price?Where can I see the wood case?
Naturebot 1blueyeswhatever is cheapest option :)
iamlark 1blueyeswhichever is cheaper
Levon 1blueyeswhichever is cheaper
hermes1red1Nodon't need original panel
TOTAL 215XXX(Don't worry about this, I'll total it all up later. -Doug)
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