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 ==== Running the Flash/Debug Configuration ==== ==== Running the Flash/Debug Configuration ====
   * Make sure OpenOCD is running (see previously)   * Make sure OpenOCD is running (see previously)
-  ​*  ​+{{:​eclipse:​debugconfigbutton.png|}} 
 +  ​Click the pull down and select the item "//​MyProject//​ flash,​debug"​  
 +  * Project will build 
 +  * GDB diagnostics will appear (black, commands are in red).  
 +  * There will be a significant pause during the actual flash programming operation (see pictured below, in a project called AqCntSVN) 
 +  * The program will halt. Activate "​Resume"​ from the run menu or debug toolbar and the program will run from as if hard reset, that is the bootloader pulsing of the LED will happen followed by execution of the app. 
 +  * You are now debugging and the program will halt on break points, allow single stepping, inspection of variables, etc, etc.  
 ==== The FreeRTOS StateViewer Plugin ==== ==== The FreeRTOS StateViewer Plugin ====
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