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DIY Common Tools for Electronics

You will find Here a List of Common Tools Used For Electronics DIY.
You don't absolutely need to have all of these things, but it sure helps!

Using a tool for purposes other than those for which it was designed can be just a little more difficult, or downright dangerous. Please be safe :)

General / Safety


  1. Workbench - Protect your house, have a proper work area
  2. Storage Unit - Put your tools and components somewhere safe
  3. Small Plastic Cups - Somewhere to put things temporarily. Don't leave your kit lying around.


  1. Safety Glasses - Protect your sense of sight
  2. Face mask - Protect your lungs
  3. Fire Extinguisher - Don't let your soldering iron start a fire you can't put out
  4. Fire Blanket - As above
  5. Soldering Smoke Absorber/Ventilator - MMmmm, Lead smoke. Mmmmm, Cancer. Mmmm, Insanity. Mmm…. I think not.

Electrical Instruments

  1. Multimeter - For testing circuitry Voltages, Resistors and Transistors
  2. Oscilloscope - For testing signals. Dual trace is better , allow signals comparison
  3. Power Supply - Regulated lab power supply . Help in getting the right Voltages inputs

Video Tutorials


  1. Soldering Iron or Station with Stand- Temperature controlled
  2. Solder - Good quality solder for good quality joints, 63/37 Eutectic
  3. Desoldering Pump - - For removing soldered chips
  • Soldering Iron Tip Cleaner - Take care of your tools
  • Tinning Block - for taking care of soldering iron tips
  • PCB Holders - Make soldering easier and cleaner

Trimming and Fastening

  • Cutters - For trimming componenet leads
  • Screwdriver Set - Various sizes
  • IC Puller / Placer
  • Wire Strippers - For stripping insulation from cabling
  • Pliers Set - Various Sizes and types
  • Claw - One of those little pens with a three-fingered claw for grabbing loose bits from where fingers can't reach
  • IDC Crimping Tool - Because doing it with pliers sucks
  • Electrical Tape


  • Mirror - Little mirror on a telescopic shaft for peeking where your eyes can't reach
  • Compressed Air Can - For cleaning stuff by blasting off dust
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