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Standard 220mm wide modules


A PCB to add 8 Encoders with LED ring for each.

Eagle Files:


BIll of Material

Allways look for the cheapest seller, the Price may vary heavy!!! And look for Local dealers preferred.

The Encoders

I was fascinated about the RGB Shaft of this Encoder so i developed all opon this nice piece. Its not the cheapest but i sell them for a reasonable price.

And its still possible to use a non Illuminated Encoder.

The other Materials: Mouser
  • 2x10pin Header, 517-30310-6002
  • 2xULN2803, 595-ULN2803ADWR
  • 9x100nF,594-K104K15X7RF53K2
  • 6x10k, 774-77061103P
  • 4×220, 652-4816P-T1LF-220
  • 3×220, 660-MF1/2LCT52R221J
  • 3x74HC165D, 771-HC165D652
  • 3x74HC595D, 771-74HC595D
  • 3xTPIC6B595, because the MOQ is 250 i deliver them for you with the PCB.
  • 88xLED RED, 604-WP3A8HD
  • 88xLED holder 6mm Height, 749-ELM-5-6MM

Project Order Basket on Mouser:

The PCB is available under:

How to get Started

Prepare the PCB

Prepare the Connection

Test it in MIOS

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