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Standard 220mm wide modules


A solution to add up to 32 Motorfaders to your Midibox Project. It contains 2 different Types of PCBs one is the VLR-MF_NG and the other a slim PCB to mount to your Fader so its detachable for service.

Eagle Files:


BIll of Material

Allways look for the cheapest seller, the Price may vary heavy!!! And look for Local dealers preferred.

The Materials: Mouser
  • 8x6pin Sockets, 649-71600-006LF
  • 1 Green LED, 604-WP3A8GD

Project Order Basket on Mouser:

The PCB is available under: [[] [[]

How to get Started

Prepare the PCB

Prepare the Connection

Test it in MIOS

For any Comment or Question: Forum Thread???

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