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 - Flexinoodle ​ - Flexinoodle ​
 +===== Wilba'​s fnpSID Notes =====
 +1. GM5 is easy to solder, read the SMD soldering tutorials and **don'​t forget to use flux and solder wick!** Soaking up excess solder is easier if you add some more flux.
 +2. It is easier to work with the board if you put some long screws or long spacers through the mount holes so it can stand above the work surface. Then you can place parts with long leads (i.e. resistors and capacitors) and cut the leads until after soldering.
 +3. After inserting all the resistors, you can flip the board over (use some card to stop resistors falling out) and solder all at once.
 +4. Lightly solder one top-side pad of capacitors and other small parts to hold them in place, then flip the board over and solder all at once.
 +5. Where #4 cannot be done (sockets, etc.), you can hold part in place by carrying a blob of solder on your iron to the pad while you hold the part in place with your other hand. The addition of flux to the pad makes this a lot easier. Don't forget to come back and properly solder this pad after you solder the other pads.
 +6. If you think your kit is missing some parts, check they didn't fall on the floor before complaining to nILS.
 +7. If you are looking for J15 on the PCB, it's located right next to J8/J9.
 +8. If you are looking for J8/J9 on the PCB, it's located right next to J15.
 +- Wilba
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