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About Me

I live in Yorkshire in the UK and work as an applications administrator. I spend most of my life working, at festivals or at raves.

I discovered MIDIbox through Wilba's MB-6582 which was posted on Hackaday and was thoroughly impressed by it and also the community that exists on MIDIbox. I'm planning on building a few more boxes after I finish my MB-6582 but am making a start while I'm waiting for the parts kits to become available and am also taking full advantage of all the bulk orders that people have so kindly organised here.. Thanks :D

Planned Projects

Projects that I've started getting bits for.

MB-6582 - Built on Wilba's designs.

x0xb0x - TB-303 Clone X2 (with slightly different parts).

MB-SID - Just 2 SIDS in Stereo. Building this to fit in to a Commodore MIDI controller keyboard that I bought.

MBFM - FM Synth

Projects that I want to build in the future.


Traktor Controller

Elektor Vocoder This will be based on the Elektor vocoder design from the 80's.

Bulk Orders

Albs Knobs

Previously, I have organised two bulk orders of the “Waldorf” knobs from Albs as used on the MB-6582.

I am going to organise a 3rd order when we have enough people to warrant it. If you are interested in joining this order then please follow the link below.


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