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Hello, I'm gslug (or Kevin). I only recently stumbled across MIDIbox and am now in the process of collecting parts for an MB6582. Whilst waiting for the last parts to arrive I am attempting to get to grips with Eagle and lay out a PCB for a C64 replacement PSU. My next build will probably be a Midibox CV as I have become rather addicted to collecting vintage analog gear. More to follow once I start building things.

Thanks to TK, Smash, Wilba and everyone else for this fantastic project

As of 11th December 2011, I have a completed MB6582 and PSU (both finished around September), though I need to get around to acquiring another 4 SIDs. I have put the Midibox CV on hold in anticipation of V2……

Current projects:

Seq V4l: Parts ordered for two. One core LPC completed. One completed and cased Jan 2012. I'm intending to add a BMP encoder and display and step display to the second and have done a rough case design for it.

MB909: 9090 PCBs and parts ordered December 2011. Boards finished 8th Feb 2012. Currently mounted on a piece of cardboard awaiting pcbatterij's TR-909 sequencer.

Future plans:

Seq V4: Waiting for my place in the bulk order for the control surface PCB. I need to source a case as I seem to have missed that order:-(

Midification: Add Midi (or at least CV/Gate) to a Roland SH-1000.

x0xb0x: I was going to order a kit from Willzyx, but the 9090 order appeared and somewhat reduced my bank balance! Soon. Ordered one from x0xsh0p (I like the new white panel) 5th Feb 2012.

Modular: Long term - I need a bigger flat first! Interested in Yusynth's ARP VCF clone. Haven't decided about other modules yet.

I think that's it.

Other (non MIDIbox) gear:

Roland Juno 106 - still with six voices at the moment…..

Roland SH-1000 - needs several capacitors replaced and a damn good clean - and Midification.

MFOS Sound-Lab Ultimate - Finished about a year ago, but still lacking a case.

Arduino based MIDI Arpeggiator - based on schematics from PCBs designed and ordered.

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