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Drag & Drop files works on Mac OS X, on Linux you might have to type the paths (complete with TAB):

  • open the terminal
  • type cd (Space) and drag the {mios_application}/tools folder into the terminal window, press return
  • the must be set to “executeable”. You have to do this step only once: chmod 750 and press return
  • type ./ (Space) and drag the .hex file into the terminal window, press return
  • the .syx file should now be generated.
  • upload the syx-file with with SysEx Librarian from Snoize (see HowTo use uCApps )


The script is included in almost any application inside the “/tools” folder. If for some reasons it's not inside the application you're working with, you will find it - for example - inside the ain64_din128_dout128_v2_0 app.

The newest version can be downloaded here:

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