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Guide to Organizing a Bulk Order

Organizing a Bulk Order for the forum can be a much more involved task than expected. This guide is to help you make all the steps required for a successful Bulk Order.

1: Sourcing and Pricing

  1. Post a thread in the Bulk Order Forum to arouse interest, and so people can scavenge the net for suppliers.
  2. Find the best price by comparing websites, taking into account, of the Total Cost, including VAT/Tax and shipping.
  3. Be aware that some sites e.g. RS-online, have extended stock or “Global Range Items” which will have to be shipped to the seller, adding more waiting time, and usually adding an additional cost to your order. If in doubt, email them asking them for the “Full Price”.
  4. Take caution that the price could go up or down at anytime, so inform people of this risk.

2: Calculating Postage & Packaging

  1. Check the rates of the Postal or Courier Service you have chosen. On their website, or by phone.
  2. Figure out which package type is required, e.g Envelope, Packet, Parcel - The minimum and maximum Dimensions for each should be defined by your Postal Service
  3. Estimate the Total Weight of the Package,
  4. Note cost for Standard Post, or registered (insured) postage.
  5. Choose suitable packaging for the item, i.e Bubble Wrap, Jiffy Bags, Cardboard Box, Anti-static foam for sensitive components, etc., and estimate the cost of these.
  6. You should now have an estimate for total shipping and handling

3: Calculating Transaction Fees

  1. After you have chose a method of Payment, such as Paypal you will need to calulate the fees for transactions.
  2. To do this, log into your paypal account, click “Merchant Tools”, “Email Payments”, and it will show you how to request money via email.
  3. On the right hand side click “Transactions Fees” to see the % of the fees applicable to transactions inside your country.
  4. Click Cross-border transaction fees for the fee for international transactions
  5. Also check if there is a fee to withdraw funds to your bank, by clicking “My Account” - “Withdraw”

4: Taking User Info

  1. Now that you have a full estimate of costs, you can start a thread and optionally a Wiki Entry for the proposed order.
  2. Use previous Bulk Orders as a template, and set rules/conditions for your order. For example see nILS Bulk Order Terms
  3. Be sure to specify your prices in the currency you are using, due to fluctuations in currency conversions.
  4. It is a good idea to set a deadline for taking orders.
  5. Set up a table for users, either on the thread, or on a Wiki Page, so they can add their Username, Quantity desired, preferred shipping method, etc….
  6. Once you have reached the desired quantity, or the deadline, copy the Table to a Spreadsheet to calculate each member's Cost, and the Total Cost, taking all fees into account.
  7. Request each member's details by email, i.e Username, Desired Quantity, Real Name, Delivery Address, Email Address, Paypal Email Address

5: Invoicing

  1. Send an Invoice via paypal or other means by email to each Member.
  2. Set a deadline for payments, and remind unpaid users when the deadline is closing in.
  3. If users have failed to pay by the deadline, offer to Members on the waiting list if any.
  4. If all orders have been paid for, place order with your Supplier, ensuring the cost has not changed.
  5. Also buy the appropriate packaging you require.

6: Recieving And Posting Items

  1. Be alert the week of the delivery! Make sure someone is there to take the goods.
  2. Check for any damage, irregularites or missing parts for each item, and notify both the community and the seller if any are to be found.
  3. If all is well, its time to package and label the bulk items.
  4. Be sure to put The Senders Address, Your Return Address, and any Customs Declarations (e.g CN22) on the package. These labels should be available at your Post Office.
  5. Make sure each item is well packaged, and sealed properly before posting.
  6. Final Step, Cross your fingers and hope they arrive!

7: Dealing With Refunds

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