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Jakes Daddy's Wiki Page

Welcome to my Wiki page, and the links to my MIDIBox project(s).

About Me

A little about me: I am a 35 year old web application team leader for a small company. I've been working in IT since leaving school at 16 (wow, thats 19 years and counting !), and at the weekends I am a semi-pro club DJ. I've been DJing for 13/14 years. I only play clubs or pre-club bars. I started playing vinyl (still got my beloved 1210's :-) ), and moved to CDs as well.

To date I've always hated MP3s (hated with a passion !) as everyone seems to think that its great that you can rip a CD at 128K and get a tiny file and a decent sound. I beg to differ - tiny file maybe, decent sound ? Not when played out on a loud club system !

However, despite my hatred for MP3s, I've been looking at MP3 DJ software such as Traktor and VirtualDJ (the rest of the world can rip at 128K, I can ignore them and rip at 320K :-) )

I originally brought a DJ style controller (Behringer BCD2000) - what a pile of rubbish that is ! Top Tip: If its cheap, its likely to be rubbish !

I discovered that the BCD2000 was a glorified MIDI controller, so decided to sell it on ebay and make my own - hence finding midibox !

I live in the south of the UK, and I have a 6 year old son called Jake (hence I am Jakes Daddy)

My MIDIBox Projects

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