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Tip from kartodesk on keeping on smooth travel after removing detents from SoundWell encoder

Hi all.
First, there's extensive info about the encoders on this forum thread to read.

The encoders i received were from mc4 batch, identical encoders to those Wilba pictured and organized the sales earlier.
Their name is SoundWell rotary encoders (like ALPS STEC16B, “Voti” encoders).

The pics are here for convenience. (Wilba and MC4 took the shots) www.synthware.com_cms_images_stories_electronics_soundwell_encoders_16w800_encoder_0423_800.jpg

When you open the encoder (might be done using kind of miniature screwdriver or similar),
the key to the smooth travel of encoder shaft - is absolute care of the inner circle where collectors travel.

Any inaccurate screwdriver mark made while opening the encoder will result you in jerky feeling when sealed back.
After bending the tabs up (of the lowest metallic part, pictured above) in order to disassemble the unit, please DO NOT put your instrument
into highlighted areas (below) where thin plastic part could be deformed by your tool.


These are sensitive areas, the weak points.
keep your tool somewhere else and you're fine.

Also as Wilba suggested the detent could been bent just a little to make a less tactile detent.
It works, although more careful and attentive work is required.

In general, when you remove detents, you loose the tight feel and they begin feeling 'oiled',
exactly that feeling of steering wheel of old car against the modern hydraulics. Take this into consideration too.

Best to all.

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