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Exploring MIDI
University of Washington Dept of Electrical Engineering EE 498 Final Project Spring, 1996 Dr. Kelin Kuhn
The MIDI Specification
The MIDI Specification is published by the MIDI Manufacturer's Association, ie, MMA (although this online document gives you the same information for free, in easier-to-understand language, and in many cases, with even more detail than the official document).
MIDI Technical Fanatic's Brainwashing Center
MIDI is the language of gods. The MIDI Technical Fanatic's Brainwashing Center is a cyberplace dedicated to those individuals who wish to attain a higher level of existence than that of the plodding, MIDI-illiterate scum around them. Here, you will find MIDI technical documents and programming information, MIDI tutorials which explain various MIDI topics in easy-to-understand terms, MIDI software tools, examples of some very good uses of MIDI (in the form of well-constructed MIDI sequencer files), and blueprints for the surgical installation of a MIDI jack upon the human body so that a musician can directly communicate with his MIDI gear.


Derek Johnson PIC & MIDI
These pages are for aspiring Pic programers who have an interest in MIDI
Spider RooM Labs
PIC microcontrollers startup tutorial MIDI and PICs (MIDI description, some examples of receiving and transmitting MIDI bytes) PIC programming tips

Basic Electronics


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