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m00dawg's MidiBox Projects

Yo MidiBox Peeps!

I just started working on this page, but it will be the future home of the boards and designs I have made over the course of making my own projects. You can also visit my website for stuff regarding my MidiBox projects, other hobbies, and my random blog posts about nothing :)


  • MB-SIDR8TR - Rackmount MidiBox-SID using the MB-6582 baseboard with customizations housed in a 3U rackmount chassis.


All these boards (and schematics) were created with the free version of EagleCAD. Some designs have been marked up with some custom layers requires for BatchPCB (specifically the silk-screening process). I'm always open to ideas if you know how to make the designs better! Otherwise, they are here for the taking to do with as you please. I only ask that you give credit where credit is due if you plan on making your own modifications. This is just a request, however, and isn't required :)

C64 Optimized PSU

This board is a re-creation of the power section of the C64 Optimized PSU schematic from ucapps. The nice thing is that it's quite tiny, although the regulator may tend to get hot my original design didn't account for adding a heatsink. For small setups, though, it should work.

Details about this board can be found on this forum post. I'll eventually add the schematics and board layout as a direct download from my website.

BankStick 7-1

I built this board partly because I was having trouble building it on a prototype board. I based it off of the BankStick x8 schematic available from ucapps with minor modifications. I call it 7-1 because 7 chips can be placed on the board itself, with an optional header to make it possible to hook up an external BankStick.

The only problem I ran into with this board was that my design rules didn't exactly match those from BatchPCB and, as a result, my ground plane was split. It was easy to fix, however - I just soldered a wire from the GND of one of the chips to the GND on my DIL header. Since it's on the bottom, the aesthetics are preserved, although if I end up making another one of these you can bet I'll be fixing that ;)

Details can be found in this forum post.


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