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The MB-606RE is a re-edit of CYM/HH and BD/SD drum parts of the Roland TR-606 to be controlled via MIDI (midibox MB-Modulbox) or CV through analog-Sequencers , in a a Eurorack-designed panel.
Well known Circuit Mods from around Web & time are included by default.

Original Schematics




Mod Sources

Analog Mods

  • HH Noise: 10K or 50K lin or log,have to check , orginally 10K trimpot, only change volume not to absolutely silence.
  • 6OSC-Gain: 50K log (not sure)
  • CY-HH Ext: 50K lin
  • CY-HH BPF-Resonance: 100K Stereo lin
  • CY-HH BPF1: 5K lin
  • CY-HH BPF2: 5K lin
  • CY-HPF: : 50K log
  • HH-HPF:50K log
  • OH Decay: 1M lin
  • CH Decay: 1M lin
  • CY Decay: 2M lin (internet) Phats machine has a 4M log
  • BD Tune: 50K Log
  • BD Decay: 2M lin
  • BD Tone: 100K lin
  • Noise: 50K log
  • SD Snappy: 100K lin
  • SD Decay: 500K lin
  • SD Tune: 1M lin


1. UI Parts Listing


Value Type Qty
3.5mm Jack Vertical PCB-Mount 13
Switch SPDT Vertical PCB-Mount ON-OFF-ON 1

Pots / Knobs

Value Type Qty
5K Linear 2
10K Linear 6
50K Linear 6
50K Logarithmic 6
100K Linear 2
1M Linear 3
2M? Linear 2
Knobs Soft/Plastic/Alu31

2. BD/SD - CYM/HH Parts Listing

Modded BD

Value Type Qty Original Designation
2SA733/BC547 Transistor 1 Q15
2SC945/BC557 Transistor 2 Q14,Q20
JRC2904/LM2904OpAmp 1 IC5
50KΩ Pot Log 2 Level, ModTune
100KΩ Pot Linear 1 ModTone
2MΩ Pot Linear 1 ModDecay
0,47µF/50V Capa Elec 1 C25
1µF/50V Capa Elec 1 C22
33µF/16V Capa Elec 1 C19
47µF/16V Capa Elec 1 C18
0,015µF Capa Ceram 2 C23,C24
0,01µF Capa Ceram 1 C21
1KΩ Res 1/4W 1 R64
3,3KΩ Res 1/4W 1 R58
4,7KΩ Res 1/4W 1 R62
6,8KΩ Res 1/4W 1 R122
10KΩ Res 1/4W 5 R52,R56Mod/R67/R68/R93
22KΩ Res 1/4W 2 R51,R69
33KΩ Res 1/4W 1 R92
47KΩ Res 1/4W 3 R59,R65,R94
100KΩ Res 1/4W 1 R57
470KΩ Res 1/4W 1 R56
560KΩ Res 1/4W 1 R61

Modded Noise/SD

Value Type Qty Original Designation
2SA733/BC547 Transistor 1 Q18
2SC945/BC557 Transistor 6 Q19,Q17,Q16,Q30,Q31,Q32
JRC4558/NJM4558DOpAmp 1 IC10
50KΩ Pot Log 2 Level,Noise
100KΩ Pot Linear 1 ModSnappy
500KΩ Pot Linear 1 ModDecay
1MΩ Pot Linear 1 ModTune
1N4148 Diode 2 D26,D27
22pF Capa Ceram 1 C36Mod
0,001µF Capa Ceram 1 C97
0,0015µF Capa Ceram 1 C38
0,0018µF Capa Ceram 2 C52,C58
0,0033µF Capa Ceram 1 C34
0,01µF Capa Ceram 1 C57
0,027µF Capa Ceram 2 C32,C33
0,047µF Capa Ceram 1 C51
0,055µF Capa Ceram 1 C37
2,2µF Capa Ceram 1 C35Mod
0,47µF/50V Capa Elec 2 C31,C35
1µF/50V Capa Elec 2 C30,C53
47µF/16V Capa Elec 2 C28,C54
100Ω Res 1/4W 2 R146,R151
330Ω Res 1/4W 2 R107,R153
680Ω Res 1/4W 1 R115
1KΩ Res 1/4W 2 R99,R100
2,2KΩ Res 1/4W 1 R91Mod
4,7KΩ Res 1/4W 1 R97
5,6KΩ Res 1/4W 1 RDecayMod
10KΩ Res 1/4W 5 R95,R96,R98,R102,R111
15KΩ Res 1/4W 1 R121
18KΩ Res 1/4W 1 R104
22KΩ Res 1/4W 2 R113,R154
27KΩ Res 1/4W 2 R105,R120
47KΩ Res 1/4W 2 R114,R118
68KΩ Res 1/4W 2 R110,R148
100KΩ Res 1/4W 4 R101,R106,R152,R155
470KΩ Res 1/4W 1 R112Mod
680KΩ Res 1/4W 1 R119
1MΩ Res 1/4W 3 R116,R147,R150

Modded CY

Value Type Qty Original Designation

Modded HH

Value Type Qty Original Designation

3.MB-Modulbox-Main2-PCB > 4xAOUT_LC + 8xTrigger In PCB Parts Listing

Integrate CV Scaling circuit

Value Type Qty Original Designation

4.Footprints List

  • ALPS Pots
  • Alpha Pots
  • 3,5mm Jack
  • Switch

5. Schematics in KiCAD

KiCad Pre-Project MAIN by Phatline » shematics have to be overworked

  1. Analog drums PCBs
  2. UI PCBs
  3. Special MB-Modulbox-Main2 PCB (4xAOUT-LC+8xTrigger out)
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