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TWINsid V1.2 - MIDIbox SID Synthesizer V2



Midibox TWINsid is a light midibox sid v2 on three pcb wiht only two sid chip for stereo sound and a dedicated control surface for the clasic parameter

TWINsid V1.2 features :

The main board pcb integrated :

  • 1 x psu parts (12v or 9v jumper setting)
  • 1 x core module
  • 8 x bankstick (7 for 896 patchs 1 for 128 ensemble)
  • 1 x ltc module for midi thru and second midi out
  • 2 x sid module

SR board :

  • The SR board integrated the din and dout module

CTRL board :

  • The CTRL board have 13 pots and 16 switchs for an easy programming
  • 2×16 lcd screen

On clasic pcb 100x160mm

Pcb Quick view :

Main board


SR board


CTRL board


Files :

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