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MB Mixer - pcbs bulk order

Time Frame

This bulk order has no time frame yet.


One word, …….. , Paypal, … i can offer bank transfer for countries without pp, too, but more infos when the time has come.

PCB Costs

At first I have to collect interests. After that I can request the prices. I suppose a cost of 2-3 Euro per pcb if we order a total amount of 150-200 pieces. Under that we should calc with 3-4 Euro for now.

Put your number of pcbs on the list

Only add yourself if you really are interested in these boards!

dj3nk 2 8 2
dstamand 2 8 2
matoz 2 8 2
lead bromide 2 8 2
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
TOTAL 6 24 6


If you have any question to the bulk order use this topic:,12195.msg100768.html

If you have technical questions use this one instead:,7280.html

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