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MB Sync24 converter

Sync24 is (was) used by Roland, to syncronise machines before the midi became popular.

Basicaly, it's just a “pulse clock sync” at 24ppqn (24 pules per quarter note)

This converter help to sync your Roland Tb-303 Tr-606 Tr-808 to sync with midi, or to sync your apeggio (sh-101 / juno60 etc..)

Such a device allready exist and is distributed by :

but it's often pretty expensive. (From 50 to 100euro)

Now, you can build your own for much less.

It's working both ways :

  1. Midi clock to Sync24 (the most often this is what you want)
  2. Sync24 to Midi clock

The hardware

It is made of :

  1. A core module
  2. A dout module (if you want to convert Midi → Sync24 )
  3. A din module + a lil board (if you want to convert Sync24 → Midi )

(i will describe this part later, because i must improve it)

You dont need a screen, so it can works with batteries for quite a long time.
Sync24 Connector

Sync24 Connectors Are Not MIDI Cables

Dont use midi cables as sync24 cables, because the wiring is different, and most often, the pins 1 and 5 used by sync 24 are left unwired in midi cables.

The program

Is still beta, but working fine. It's tested in both directions with :

  1. TR626 (midi),
  2. Yamaha RM1X (midi),
  3. TR909 (midi AND sync24)
  4. TR808 (sync24)
  5. TR606 (sync24)
  6. TB303 (sync24)
  7. Nintendo Gameboy running LSDJ ('kind of' sync24)
  8. MidiOX :)

Get it here : (Link was temporarly offline!!)

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