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DIN6DOUT4 module

A combination of DIN and DOUT on the same PCB


Please refer to the uCapps pages for DIN and DOUT.

Notice that DOUT 1 and 2 are connected through UDN2981 source driver chips. When a voltage (e.g. 12V) is supplied to J13, the DOUTs will be shunted to this voltage; no inversion is needed. Resistors R1-16 provide current limiting.

If normal DOUT behaviour is desired for DOUT 1/2, simply bridge a resistor from the resistor pad closest to J11/J12 directly across to pins 1-8 of the unmounted IC11/12

BOM v1.0

Type Part Value Device Package
Caps C1 100n C1206 C1206
C2 100n C1206 C1206
C3 100n C1206 C1206
C4 100n C1206 C1206
C5 100n C1206 C1206
C6 100n C1206 C1206
C7 100n C1206 C1206
C8 100n C1206 C1206
C9 100n C1206 C1206
C10 100n C1206 C1206
C11 10-100uF E2,5-6E E2,5-6E
ICs IC1 74HC165 74HC165D SO16
IC2 74HC165 74HC165D SO16
IC3 74HC165 74HC165D SO16
IC4 74HC165 74HC165D SO16
IC5 74HC165 74HC165D SO16
IC6 74HC165 74HC165D SO16
IC7 74HC595N 74HC595N DIL16
IC8 74HC595N 74HC595N DIL16
IC9 74HC595N 74HC595N DIL16
IC10 74HC595N 74HC595N DIL16
IC11 UDN2981A UDN2981A DIL18
IC12 UDN2981A UDN2981A DIL18
Headers J1 DIN1 PINHD-2X54WALL PAK100/2500-10
J2 DIN2 PINHD-2X54WALL PAK100/2500-10
J3 DIN3 PINHD-2X54WALL PAK100/2500-10
J4 DIN4 PINHD-2X54WALL PAK100/2500-10
J5 DIN5 PINHD-2X54WALL PAK100/2500-10
J7 DOUT3 PINHD-2X54WALL PAK100/2500-10
J11 DOUT1 PINHD-2X54WALL PAK100/2500-10
J12 DOUT2 PINHD-2X54WALL PAK100/2500-10
J13 +12V 22-23-2031 22-23-2031
Resistors R1 1k 0207/2V RESISTOR,
R2 1k 0207/2V RESISTOR,
R3 1k 0207/2V RESISTOR,
R4 1k 0207/2V RESISTOR,
R5 1k 0207/2V RESISTOR,
R6 1k 0207/2V RESISTOR,
R7 1k 0207/2V RESISTOR,
R8 1k 0207/2V RESISTOR,
R9 1k 0207/2V RESISTOR,
R10 1k 0207/2V RESISTOR,
R11 1k 0207/2V RESISTOR,
R12 1k 0207/2V RESISTOR,
R13 1k 0207/2V RESISTOR,
R14 1k 0207/2V RESISTOR,
R15 1k 0207/2V RESISTOR,
R16 1k 0207/2V RESISTOR,
R17 ~220R 0207/10 RESISTOR,
R18 ~220R 0207/10 RESISTOR,
R19 ~220R 0207/10 RESISTOR,
R20 ~220R 0207/10 RESISTOR,
R21 ~220R 0207/10 RESISTOR,
R22 ~220R 0207/10 RESISTOR,
R23 ~220R 0207/10 RESISTOR,
R24 ~220R 0207/10 RESISTOR,
R25 ~220R 0207/10 RESISTOR,
R26 ~220R 0207/10 RESISTOR,
R27 ~220R 0207/10 RESISTOR,
R28 ~220R 0207/10 RESISTOR,
R29 ~220R 0207/10 RESISTOR,
R30 ~220R 0207/10 RESISTOR,
R31 ~220R 0207/10 RESISTOR,
R32 ~220R 0207/10 RESISTOR,
Resistor networks RN1 10k 652-4816P-T2LF-10K BOURNS
RN2 10k 652-4816P-T2LF-10K BOURNS
RN3 10k 652-4816P-T2LF-10K BOURNS
RN4 10k 652-4816P-T2LF-10K BOURNS
RN5 10k 652-4816P-T2LF-10K BOURNS
RN6 10k 652-4816P-T2LF-10K BOURNS


v1.0: first release.


The 1206 caps and SMT parts should be soldered first. Note the orientation of ICs! In general they will have pin 1/16 nearest the decoupling cap. Pin 1 for RNs is marked with a circle, important as these chips are also polarised. Some headers are marked as “socket this side.” To use the module normally, install the headers on the rear side.

Note the instructions for DOUT1/2. You either need ICs 11/12 and resistors vertically mounted or spanning the outermost pads in place of IC11/12.

Interconnection to Core

J89 connects to J89. J89A is for cascading further modules.


The PCB is 100*100mm with 3.6mm diameter holes centred 3.5mm from the edges.


Currently the design is © 2018 antilog devices with all rights reserved; all documentation is CC BY-NC-SA 3.0.

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