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max 128 switch inputs and 128 on/off outputs

This is the choice for people doing projects where everything is on/off, like organ projects. The project was originally done to control a band organ. It is used by people who want to “midify” an organ console, a thing that has a lot of switches–the organ keys, stops, pistons, etc.–that need to be made to generate MIDI output. For this you need a Core plus one DIN board for every 32 inputs. To control the output of something like organ pipes where you need a lot of on/off signals that are switched by MIDI input, you use a Core plus one DOUT board for every 32 outputs. You can use both DIN and DOUT boards to a maximum of 128 inputs and 128 outputs, a total of 9 standard boards. Beyond that, you can link multiple Cores together, which is often needed for midifying an organ console which can easily have more than 128 input switches.

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