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MIOS is the Operating System of the Chip. This Page covers MIOS and the BOOTLOADER (or Bootstrap Loader). General Informations can be found in the Intro-Article: what is a MIDIbox.

There are two versions of MIOS: The (older) MIOS8, used for MBHP_Core modules equipped with 8bit PIC uControllers and MIOS32 used for the Core_STM32 modules with 32bit STM controllers. If you are planning to build a new MidiBox, you should use the newer Core_STM32 that allows much more complex devices.


MIOS8 is used for MBHP_Core modules equipped with PIC18F452, PIC18F4620 or PIC18F4685.

The Article MIOS Bootstrap For Newbies (also available as MIOS Bootstrap in different languages) contains important informations about how to upload MIOS - the operating system - and an application.

Developers should consult the related project pages or Application Development.


Frequently Asked Questions


MIOS32 is used on Core_STM32 boards, equipped with the 32bit STM32F103RE processor. MIOS32 is prepared for other 32bit uCs as well and allows platform independent applications.

MIOS32 on a CORE_STM32 is more powerful than MIOS8:

  • MIOS32 uses the realtime operating system FreeRTOS and allows simple multitasking with different priorities.
  • It also supports native USB MIDI for faster code upload and MIDI transfer.
  • Interfaces such as SPI and I²C can be used with DMA, allowing fast transfer at low CPU load
  • Besides hardware multiplier and division units the STM32F103RE provides more peripherals:
    • CAN or USB (can not be used in parallel)
    • SPI
    • I²C
    • Timers
    • DAC
    • ADC
    • I2S for Audio DACs
  • The STM32F103RE provides 512kB of Flash and 64kB RAM
  • BankSticks are replaced by SD Cards for more and faster memory


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