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Well, it's pretty simple really.
A control surface giving you access to the shortcut functions in Light Factory, without spending thousands on the Enttec wings.

In theory in can support up to 128 buttons, but has only been tested with 32.
25 banks are available, with support for 600 shortcuts (could easily be expanded if need be).

Buttons can change their function with the bank, or can be fixed for your most common shortcuts.

We built it with 24 buttons in the banks. 6 fixed buttons and 2 buttons for bank up / bank down.


The controller relies almost entirely on Light Factory's MIDI support.
Pressing buttons sends a calculated note on / off event.

Pressing button 1 in bank 1 sends note on C -1 on channel 1, releasing will send the same event with note off.
notes 0 (C -1) to 119 (B 8) are used before the channel is automatcally increased.
Channels 1 - 6 are used by the banks.

Channel 16 is used by the fixed buttons.

There are no user editable settings in the controller.
The LCD displays the current bank. As well as the note, octave and channel of the last pressed button to help setting up light factory's MIDI triggers.



Min setup

  • 1x Core (PIC18F452)
  • 1x DINX1
  • 3 buttons
  • LCD Display

Recommended setup

  • 1x Core Module (PIC18F452)
  • 1x DINX4
  • 32 buttons (24 to a bank, 6 fixed, 2 for bank up / bank down)
  • LCD Display

Banked buttons are connected first, followed by fixed buttons, and finally bank up and bank down.
Amount of buttons in each bank is defined in main.h, as well as pin numbers for bank up and down.
There's nothing to it. About as easy as it gets

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