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February 20, 2013 GM5 Chip Interest page! NO PCB“S!


This is only to show your interest in purchasing the GM5 chip and hope someone with more bulk ordering experience will take over. I am only trying to show sellers we have enough interested buyers in waiting.

Please refer to current bulk orders to gauge your estimated cost, only for your reference.

Also refer to the past GM5 chip bulk order page to help estimate your personal cost as well.

Although this is not a bulk order, nILS terms and conditions apply (nor is nILS affiliated or responsible for this interest page). I too am lazy to write my own terms. The failure to communicate portion is the important part, if at anytime you are not interested in this chip please remove your name.

To add your name press 'edit this page', if you're registered. Add your name and your quantity than update the total, as it doesn't update itself. Than save the page.

Thanks! Have fun building!

Username GM5 Chip QTY
SiliconHeaven 10
Jojjelito 10
khz-tone 2 to 5
bakeneko 2
Acul 10
Taxable Fern 20 to 25
mwidhalm 2
kelargo 10
nightworxx 8
housemaster 1
zephyrin 4
nebula 3
zossen 5
synchromesh 5
Total 92 to 100

* If the order limit is reached, nILS is willing to run the actual order.

* I'm new to the wiki and couldn't figure where to post this page, mods please move it to the right place if you want. Thank you to all for your time and interest.

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