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==== MB-6582 CS Parts List ====

Part NameQuantityNotesSupplier 1Supplier 2
Pactec PT-101See Note 1MouserPactec
25mm M3 Countersunk Head Bolt4See Note 2
M3 Nut8See Note 2www.
M3 Flat Washer8See Note 2www.
M3 Spring Washer8See Note 2www.
10mm M3 Threaded Spacer25See Note 3Mouser
6mm M3 Screws25See Note 3Mouser
M3 Spring Washers25See Note 3www.
JB Weld1See Note 4www.
13mm Tactile Switches (Alps)48See Note 5Mouser
4×20 Character LCD1See Note 6/7CrystalFontzDivineo (Cheap!)
3mm LEDs 113See Note 8Mouser (Red)SmashTV
1N4148 Signal Diodes50See
Rotary Encoders15See Note (Cheaper)
Knobs (Such as Albs)15See Note 10Albs.deCheck Forum Bulk Orders
40mm Fan (Optional)1See Note MouserPerformance PC's
Front Panel & Back Panel1See NoteSchaefferCheck Forum

GM5X5X5 Part list

Click here to view the full Mouser Cart/Project Manger (excludes Headers/Pins)

lead spacing
Part #Supplier
Crystal 16Mhz 1 HC18/U Q1 Mouser
LED 3mm - 11 - LED1 – LED11 RED GREEN
Diode 1N4148 5 - D1 – D5 Mouser
Optocoupler 6N138 5 DIP 8 IC8 – IC12 Mouser (White)
GM5 GM5 1 TQFP32 IC1 See Bulk Orders
Hex inverter(*2) 74HC14 5 DIP 14 IC3 – IC7 Mouser
USB Type B socket - 1 - J1 Mouser
DIN 5 (MIDI) socket - 10 MAB5SH IN1 – IN5, OUT1 – OUT5 Mouser
3-pin SIL header - 10 100 milIN1 – IN5, OUT1 – OUT5
2-pin SIL header - 5 100 milJ2, J8, S1 – S3
EEPROM 24C04 1 DIP8 IC2 Mouser
Resistor 220 Ohm 15 0207 R1 – R3, R6 – R8, R11 – R13, R16, R18, R31 – R33, R39Mouser
Resistor 1k Ohm(*1) 18 0207 R5, R10, R15, R17, R20 - R30, R35, R38, R40 Mouser
Resistor 27 Ohm 2 0207 R36, R37 Mouser
Resistor 4.7k Ohm 5 0207 R4, R9, R14, R19, R34 Mouser
Polyfilm/Ceramic cap 100nF 6 200 milC2 – C7 Mouser
Electrolytic capacitor 10uF/16V 1 100 milC1 Mouser
Ceramic capacitor 22pF 2 100 milC8, C9 Mouser
Ceramic capacitor 1uF 1 100/200 milC10Mouser
Jumper - 5 100 mil- Mouser
DIP8 IC Socket 8 Pin 6 7.62mm IC2, IC8 - IC12Mouser
DIP14 IC Socket 14 Pin 5 7.62mm IC3 - IC7Mouser

(*1) Note that 11 of the resistor listed as 1k in the above list (R21 - R30 and R40) are for the LEDs. The values for these resistors depends on the color of LEDs you plan to use and the brightness you wish to achieve. Suggested values:

LED colorValue

(*2) The inverters can be left out when no status LEDs are needed. Leaving them will require soldering some additional bridges which will be described in a section in this document later on.

Don't forget to order 6 DIP8 and 5 DIP14 IC sockets and pin headers (16 pins total).

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