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 +====== This document has been superseded and is kept for archival purposes only!!! Please see the new version! ======
 +    * Part 1 - [[windows_toolchain_core|Setup the core software toolchain for MIOS application development on Windows]] - These are the minimal Windows applications you need, to write a MIOS Application in C for your MIDIbox.
 +    * Part 2 - [[windows_toolchain_ASM_ACSim|Extend your toolchain with MinGW to build the AC-Sim DOS C Simulator, or MPASM for ASM coding]] - These lesser-used options are both still important in certain situations. You will need MPASM if you would like to write applications in PIC ASM, or if you want to edit TK's ASM apps. MinGW is used to build the AC-Sim simulator, which is helpful for testing complex algorithms within your applications,​ without the need to upload to your MIDIbox. If you are likely to use this, it is recommended that you install MinGW prior to Code::​Blocks.
 +    * Part 3 - [[windows_toolchain_codeblocks|Extend your toolchain with Code::​Blocks and GDB]] - Code::​Blocks is an IDE which has several helpful features when developing applications,​ such as code highlighting,​ code completion, and debugging.
 +:!: :!: :!: :!: :!: 
 ====== Developing MIOS Applications with Code::​Blocks ====== ====== Developing MIOS Applications with Code::​Blocks ======
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